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Wts/wtt Prime Blueprints, Prime Parts And Mods.

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These are the items i have for sale or trade ( right now i'm looking for  arrow mutation, Shred, Heavy Caliber, ) if you see something you want send me an offer on here or psn.

psn: yousuf_s93


Prime Weapon bp's:

2x akbronco prime 

3x Boar Prime 

5x Boar prime receiver

2x Boltor prime Stock

1x Braton prime barrel

3x Burston Prime Barrel

3x Fang Prime blade

1x Glaive Prime

2x Lex Prime Barrel

2x Lex Prime Receiver

1x Paris prime lower limb


Prime Warframe bp's:

1x Ember prime chassis

1x Ember prime helmet

1x Mag prime chassis

1x Rhino prime systems



equilibrium, Streamline, Master thief,:;; Vital sense, Wildfire,;; Ice storm;;; Power throw, energy channel, Killing blow, Berserker, Finishing touch;

Stance mods:, fracturing wind,burning wasp, clashing forest, sundering weave, shattering storm, reaping spiral

aura: sprint boost, physique

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