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Dual Boss Battles


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This is a good idea, I would just add that they should do older bosses more dynamic a Duo is a good surprise when doing any mission against that faction, or a good example: why should Vor be the only Boss that pop up in the T4 Void mission? I say in any Faction missions and specially in *Conflicts* this Duo or Surprise encounter should be add to spice up the *repetitive* mission entry... I have always though that the missions you have to do 3 to 5 times for a reward should evolved and scale in surprises and challenge as you continue doing them... Like the new Breed Missions...but with more Dynamics to the maps and encounters...


But I guess this could interfere with the farming of mods/parts Bosses like Phorid, unless the Boss has different stages in which it escapes (awarding you regardless) and in each fight he keeps evolving...for a more dynamic mission...


Ah, we had to wait and see... but good suggestion Tyran!

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Yes and please


Its much harder to fight off two meh bosses than one strong one


The divide in attention really makes it tougher especially when one is a tank and the other is all over the place


If only vor and kril actively stayed close to eachother they might be a half decent challenge

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Wait! why wont we use Boss vs Boss Battles in invasions?? I really want to see poor Nef Anyo vs Phorid if mars gets overrun in the boss node!!


this way we still get our BLUEPRINTS from the boss node even if there is an invasion ... and as an extra its entertaining as HELL entering the boss arena!!


(like other enemies they only spawn if a tenno reaches the ROOM they should be in so that you wont miss the fight!)


my mind thinks about episodes of doctor who Daleks vs Cybermans for no apparant reasons 

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