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New Warframe - Eltanin


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Suggestion for a possible new Warframe, one that is open to refinements.


Eltanin - the Tenno Leaders' Warframe.  A powerful Warframe with above average performance and a jack-of-all-trades approach, but one that is only given to those who really prove their worth.


Base Stats:

Health - 125

Shields - 125

Energy/Power - 100

Stamina - 100

Armour - 100

Sprint Speed - 1.05

Polarities: 4 Powers, 1 "Handle" (matches Vitality, Vigor etc), 1 "Dash"

Aura Polarity: "Dash"


Power 1 - Homing Laser, 25 Energy.  Fires 15/20/25/30 small lasers that auto-seek nearby enemies, each dealing 50/75/100/125 Puncture damage.

Power 2 - Repulsion Field, 50 Energy.  Projects an unbreakable shield that blocks all incoming enemy fire and movement for 12/14/16/18 seconds and moves with Eltanin, but stops Eltanin from firing or using any other powers.

Power 3 - Disruptor Pulse, 50 Energy.  A shockwave stops all nearby enemies from moving or shooting for 15/18/21/24 seconds, and disables their active auras.

Power 4 - Vector Blast, 100 Energy.  Eltanin stops moving and fires 8 sweeping beams of energy, all of which move around in the same radial direction for 5/7.5/10/12.5 seconds, inflicting 200/250/300/350 Radiation damage per second.  Each beam is equally spaced and carries an innate 0.8m Punch Through.  Eltanin is not protected from enemy fire and cannot move or use regular weapons during casting.


To balance out the vast power of this Warframe, it becomes available only when the player reaches Mastery Rank 9.


Art for this Warframe is open to suggestion, as I cannot provide that art due to almost total lack of artistic skill.  I personally used Orbital Frame IDOLO from the Zone of the Enders OVA as the basis (minus the cockpit), since originality is not my strong point.  Feel free to use that as a starting point, or just produce your own appearance.

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1: Damage? How is it applied. Would the lasers target enemies one by one or could all the lasers potentially hit the same enemy - 125 * 30 = 3750. If the cap is 1 laser/enemy the damage is way too low, otherwise it might work. However damage split into  static number + a percentual damage number would keep it scaling alot better.


2: Time is too long.

This skill is ok, no incomming damage for no damage dealt could work, but the time would have to be reduced.

Rush skill deluxe vs. panic button savior.


3: Time is too long, also this + radial disarm and you've won the game.

This skill alone would render all of the Infested, save the Mutalist, useless. Paired with Radial Disarm and you'd have the enemy be sitting ducks with no possibility to counter.

Vuban's Bastille on OPium ;)


4: Stop moving for 12.5 seconds and you're dead.

350 dam even boosted by 99% + 30% is nothing (801.5 dam/s).

@12.5s the damage total is 10018.75 which seems nice on paper but you could do alot more in that time.

IF you'd go with the -60% duration from Fleeting Expertise you'd end up with 10018.75 * 0.4 = 4007.5 (5 seconds)

In the best of cases you'd have full damage but be immobile for 5 seconds. That is alot.

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