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We Need More Sentinels. Some Ideas


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We already have most of the basics covered in sentinel-space. 


I think there is still some unexplored ground though.


I think that many more sentinels could be created if the 'mini-me' paradigm be pursued, meaning get one nice warframe skill, and make a slightly different version of it for the sentinel. It may be not the 'wow, that's a super-original idea!' approach, but it adds some flavor to the game. 


Currently there is no healing  sentinel though. There are no elemental weapons for sentinels too.


Some ideas:





Nekros inspired bat-demon-like sentinel.

Skill: It can defile corpses, but only gets health or energy orbs. One corpse per skill use.

Weapon uses pistol ammo and shoots poison darts. Weapon exclusive to the sentinel.





Spiny carapaced sentinel. Has high native armor

Skill:  Backfire - affects one target at a time. Disarm guns like the loki skill, and reduces armor. On melee-only enemies it deals damage and reduces armor.

Also has a special weapon which targets the warframes instead of the enemies. It shoots armor on the frames with a high speed machine gun-like mechanic. Each pellet increases armor by +1. Capped on +100 armor (or more?). This armor wears out by -1 armor/second. Uses rifle ammo. Unupgraded targeting mod only targets self, upgrades allow to target other frames and increases range. Weapon not exclusive?





Similar to a brain + spinal cord flying by telekinesis. Squishy sentinel. 

Skill: Mind control. Like the Nyx level 1. I think that the skill needs no modification to be part of the sentinel, can work just like the original. 

Weapon: Electric arcing amprex-like, exclusive to the sentinel.




A jet-mounted spherical micro-fusion reactor. 

Skill: Adds fire damage & status chance to warframe's weapons. 

Weapon: continuous-fire energy beam which burns enemies with fire damage. Exclusive weapon.


Black hole: 


Spooky space-folding can shield, harness and control a micro black-hole gravitational powers to various effects. 

Skill: Wormhole crunch. Stuns & locks enemy in place dealing crushing impact damage. On bosses, it only slows them down and deals damage.

Weapon: Exclusive unique weapon. Harmonic gravitational quantum waves rob energy from an area (shotgun-like), Causing freezing temperatures & damage. 


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We don't need more sentinels, we need something to make the old ones more useful. There is no point in flooding this game with stuff nobody uses.


Adding more stuff for people to hype over and buy for platinum is what DE makes their money from. We will get more and more and more.

That is why they have started prime-ify the existing sentinels. 

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I don't want anything to do with Sentinel Updates until my other sents get a chance to use deconstructor too. and the whole "Spliting up his whole body" shouldn't even be there I.M.H.O.

Everytime I see my Senty splitting his limbs off to throw at something I cringe a bit. (Not to mention the way the attachments simply vanish when he does that...)

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I think that the mini-me idea has some dangers to it... make the abilities too lack luster. e.g. "Imp's" incredibly "meh" desecrate ability, and it's underwhelming to the point of being pointless. Make it too decent, and you depreciate nekros.


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The concept would be to give him some power capable of helping the player with healing and energy restoration. Maybe the Imp could have a leech power, or a 'give me life/energy on enemy's death' thing.


We can't really choose what DE prioritizes. I certainly feel the need for some updates. People are talking about rebalancing shotguns, and my favorite weapon is the sniper, which I am also advocating. DE is aware of both but haven't gotten around to it yet, since they are full-hands-on-deck for U14.


That doesn't stop me from thinking and suggesting other improvements though. I just doesn't think it is sensible for me to withhold commenting in areas I think can be improved just because my favorite weapon is in need of a rebalance. 

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