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Sicarus Prime


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Just slide an ammo mod in there, unranked. Should bump it to 21.



And then you lose a mod slot that could be used towards a damage mod. It's a bandaid fix.


DE really just needs to bump the Sicarus Primeto 30 rounds or something, it's not like it's even very powerful.

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After playing BL2, I don't mind it anymore.


Once you get your 10th burst weapon with an un-even clip, you stop caring.

My favourite is my Jakobs shotgun. It fires as fast as I can pull the trigger.


The fact that it consumes 2 ammo each shot and has 2 ammo per magazine is an irrelevant detail.

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I'm ranking up this gun right now. Had it in my foundry forever, waiting for a moment I'd feel like making a few mastery points... Hate the last burst. HATE IT.

And I don't find it that fun to use either... But that's only me of course.^^

I will probably sell it, mostly because I need the slot. No hard feeling little gold turd toy, I still like you.^^

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