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What Happened To Space Hubs, I Need Them

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I think that the player ships sort of overlapped what they wanted to do with the space hubs, thus if they do implement them, they'll have to do something different with them. I suggested that that is where we can pick up quests for the relevant planet we're currently on. But hey, if we have a ship that docks in a ship where you have eveything else and you fly together with your tenno to the planet to do your mission, why use a space hub? 


... I still want a space hub...

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I think the Space Hubs were a "sketch" of the upcoming Spaceships. Therefore, if I am correct, we won't have Space Hubs, unfortunately. It would be really great if I was wrong, though.

they def had in game implementation it was shown in dev stream as a pretty far work in progress but they went quiet after that, maybe something to due with servers and hosting to have large amounts of people at hub or relay at an instance is difficult.
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