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Anybody Else Sick Of This? (Clan Tech, Formae, Etc.)


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I'm one of those guys that never has enough Formae.  I don't have a few favorite weapons, I have a pile of them, and I'm burning Formae on them all the time.  In terms of Forma use and Days played, I'm probably close to making and using a Forma four to five days out of the week on average.


Yeah, I have a little free time on my hands, wanna fight about it?  :D


I'm pushing up on Rank 15 and I mostly just have Clan Tech weapons left to master.  I probably have something like 8 left.



Let me tell you something - I am sick of seeing Forma required to build Clan Tech.


Let me tell you something else - I am extra sick of seeing Forma required to build Clan tech, and then the item has no Polarized slots.



I think this is a trend that has gone on for far too long, and I think it needs to end before a whole lot more Clan Tech and other items are introduced into the game.  Formae are pretty hard to come by, and sometimes pretty easy to come by, but it doesn't matter - you can only produce one every 24 hours, and that's if you're there the moment the build is finished to Claim it and start a new one immediately.


I'm not sure DE even realizes how often they've crammed a Forma into the build components for items, so let me provide a list.


Primary Weapons (9):  Dera, Flux Rifle, Ignis, Lanka, Ogris, Phage, Supra, Synapse*, Torid

(*Requires 2 Formae to build.)


Secondary Weapons (5):  Acrid, Akstiletto, Dual Cestra, Embolist, Spectra*

(* This weapon sucks really, really bad.)


Melee Weapons (4):  Dual Ichor, Jat Kittag, Prova, Scoliac


Now, understanding - and disregarding - that the average player will never build all of these weapons, this is a grand total of nineteen (19) Formae to build these Clan Tech weapons.  Of these weapons, twelve (12) of them do not have Polarity slots.  The Synapse up there that requires 2 Formae just to make?  It doesn't have the decency to bring a Polarity slot to the table.  


Twelve (12) of the eighteen (18) Forma-gobbling weapons are then potentially hungrier for more Formae if you happen to like them enough to develop them some, or just to make them actually usable after you've thrown down the resources to produce them.  Anybody else out there with a Flux Rifle or Ogris with 5 Formae on it?  You know what that feels like; until you've got a couple Formae on these - and many others - they're just hinting at their potential, but not bothering to grab for it.


And, remember, this all assumes an Orokin Catalsyst is involved.  I pity the fools that play with any of these weapons as standard issue.


Things really shouldn't continue like this, DE.  At the very least, if a Forma is involved, a Polarity slot should be on the weapon.  We use Forma for a very specific task, and it's pretty obnoxious when they're consumed to make something and their innate function isn't represented in the final product.

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Even if you have platinum, lol@Rush.


Pay-to-Rush, and especially Pay-to-Rush that doesn't scale with the remaining time, is a plague on games, man.


If platinum expenditures weren't a concern, skipping the Blueprint acquisition entirely and dropping 20P for a finished Forma in the Market would do the trick.  But platinum expenditures are a concern, and if they're not then they should be.  Catalyst scarcity is enough, and a fresh Catalyst from the Market is 20P.  Fresh Forma?  20P.


Maybe I'm not indicative of any significant population in the playerbase, but I can't afford to throw Catalysts around willy nilly, and I definitely can't afford to just buy up Formae or rush their scarce blueprints.

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I always have forma building until I have about 10 stock piled.  Ever since it was added I have built it when I can, knowing there will be times I burn through it.  I usually have 10-20 blueprints as well from random Void runs.  If I take a shine to a weapon then I can burn through 3 Forma in a weekend but it would be very rare that I would use more than that in one burst and then I have the week to replenish stock.

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I'm personally sticking to the market weapons I have no reason to get dojo weapons when a few forma do

makes the market weapons work just fine ( In my opinion ).


I also see no reason to have mastery rank other than to get new weapons and trade more times a day.

And I barely trade.

Mastery rank will matter once Focus system is in place. That might take awhile after U14. More mastery rank you have the more Lenses you can equip.

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It can be tough to get Forma blueprints.  I had 12 T3Capture keys that I burned through in a couple evenings, on top of regular play like joining some folks in other Void missions or some ODD.  Not a single Forma blueprint.  Got a hilarious streak of Burston Prime barrels, though.


Until a Forma blueprint alert that showed up today, I have seen like three blueprints in a bit over a week.  Lots of Prime parts I don't need and will greatly "enjoy" cluttering the Trade channel with, I guess.


If only I could Trade for Formae... arrgh.

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I've deliberately played for Formae in my spare time and had pretty long stretches where I couldn't scare up a Blueprint.  Situations ranging from nothing all day to nothing for three days.


Don't forget, even if I managed to scrounge up a few blueprints, I can make one a day* and it sucks to burn the day's Formae productivity on Clan Tech that ends up sucking.


I'm looking at you, Spectra.  And ... others.



(* I can make one a day because I'm not rolling in Platinum and not burning what I have on impatient Rush jobs for half the cost of a fresh Forma from the market at 20P.)



And as an addendum, I don't really dig that this thread was buried in this category.  That's way over-categorizing this post, which is a pretty general complaint about something more to do with the Foundry and component costs than it does with the Dojo space.  If anything it belongs in the Weapons category.


Anyway.  Whatever.

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I agree with OP here. I don't spend Money on forma, and especially never rush any build. To farm forma BP is not that hard BUT they also require a cell and neural sensor, neither of which are something I have an abundance of, even as a regular player (MR 12). I mean, who wants to run lame boss missions all day to farm rare resources... one of the worst ways to spend time playing.

Add to that the 24 hour build time of Forma, and it sort of makes building those items a real PITA.

I think it's something DE can take a look at. (Along with foundry build queue)

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Hi sorry to bring up old post..


Just want to say i agree with OP! Recently me and my mate build the clan, and we kinda miss the building cost.

Our error, i know...



Ghost Clan: Regular "base" cost.

Shadow Clan: Base Cost x3

Storm Clan: Base Cost x10

Mountain Clan: Base Cost x 30

Moon Clan: Base Cost x100


We only got 11 member here and we are the moon clan.... yeah the warlord kinda excited when building the barrack without check the cost first.. We thought the cost is x60 not x100.... so moon barracks 7 forma.. 7 forma needed i tell u..


Never mind that.. The thing i want to say is the Forma..

so even i got extra Forma BP, the time to finish it is absurd.


Please make it less time consuming...

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