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Update 13.7: Depths Of The Void (+Hotfix)


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Update 13.7: Depths of the Void
New Prime Gear has been discovered in the Void:
Loki Prime!
Bo Prime!
Wyrm Prime!
Find them all today in the Void, uncover the drop locations here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/256942-prime-gear-drop-locations/
T4 Void Keys are here! You can find them in Interception missions across the Solar System in the following way:
-T4 Exterminate, Capture, and Mobile Defense keys can appear Round 3 or later on ‘Medium’ Interception missions (starting enemy level 10-20).
T-4 Survival, Defense, and Interception keys can appear Round 3 or later on ‘Hard’ Interception missions (starting enemy level 20+).
T4 Notes:  

-To prevent exploits with all Void Keys, if you are hosting and abort an endless mission after the objective has been completed, you will lose your key.
-Captain Vor has been twisted by the Void! We now know the powers of the Void Corrupted him, and we have word he is lurking in the depths of the Void! Will he appear in your T4 Key?


-New Weapon! Introducing Pyrana, a Tenno Secondary shotgun proven to cause devastation in close quarters! Find it in the Market or Tenno Clan Research today!

Edo Armor & Nami Solo:

-New Edo Armor! The Edo Chest piece will play a custom animation when the player takes damage after their shields have been depleted.
-New Weapon! Nami Solo! Wield the curved Blade of the Nami Solo and lash out with incredible slashing lethality! The Nami Solo uses the Machete Stances for combos and can be found in the Market for Platinum or Blueprint today!

Yamako Syandana & Serro:

-Tenno Reinforcement: Introducing the Serro, a Corpus engineered Pole Arm originally employed as a energy saw before its more deadly applications were discovered!
-Tenno Customization: Yamako Syandana!

New Color Picker:

-New ‘Tenno’ Themed Color Picker! Add additional color options inspired by other Warframes for your  customizations! All default frame colours from A(sh) to Z(ephyr) (Hydroid coming in Season 2).

New Trophies:

Dark Sectors - Complete 5 missions for a Clan contesting a Dark Sector.
Mercenary - Earn 100,000 credits in Battle Pay.

New Additions:

-Added ability to change aiming shoulder. 
-Added weekly Interception and T4 Orokin Void Leaderboards for endless missions.
-Added your clan name to your profile card so that users who search your profile can see your clan affiliation. This should help in Alliances where it is unclear which clan members belong to.
-New Combo for the Machete Weapons Sundering Weave Stance: Flash Flood!
-New Combos for Axe Weapons Stance Mods:
Cleaving Whirlwind: Sundered Tusk and Drifting Stampede!
Rending Crane: Rampaging Boar!
-Added a Codex entry for Dead Eye.
-Interception Missions are no longer confined to Earth and have now been added to the following nodes:
Mars - Augustus
Jupiter - Callisto
Europa - Armaros
Phobos - Opik
Uranus - Stephano
Sedna - Berehynia
Eris - Viver
Pluto - Cerberus
Ceres - Draco
-Added in new Codex entries for Corpus Attack Drone and Corrupted Drone.
-Added in a new Green visual effect that will appear on enemies that have been fully scanned when viewed with the Codex Scanner.
-New Melee Combos have been added to Crossing Snakes, Seismic Palm, and Decisive Judgement Fracturing Wind, Seismic Palm, Homing Fang, Swirling Tiger, Grim Fury, Flailing Branch, and the Decisive Judgement Stance Mods! 

Survival Changes:

-A Survival Leader scaling system has been introduced. This system will start with Leaders initially spawning in after the 5 minute mark. After this point there will be an increasing chance for each enemy that spawns in to be a Leader type. This percent will start at 0% and will grow to a maximum 20% chance from the 5-60 minute mark. Additional Survival tiles and enemy types have been included in Survival missions to support this feature.

Dark Sector Changes:

-Added in MOTD (Message of the Day) Functionality for Alliances: Warlords in an Alliances will now have an additional button in their Alliance Management UI screen which will allow them create Messages of the Day for the entire Alliance. Alliance MOTD's will also display the author's name and clan. Budget Caps have now been added in to allow Clans/Alliances to set a Maximum Budget as well as min/max per-mission Battle Pay. These can be set by Warlord and Tacticians within the Clan/Alliance.
-The amount of missions that can be funded by Battle Pay will now properly respect the Solar Rail health.
-A "Set By:" label has been added to Taxes and Battle Pay so as to allow members of Clans/Alliances to track these additions.
-All Solar Rail Mobile Defense hacking procedures will now take 3 minutes to prevent potential exploits.

Specter Changes:

The crafting cost for all Specters and Specter Armies have been altered to the following:
-Vapor Specters:
Build Price reduced to 15000 credits.
-Phase Specters:
Build Price reduced to 30000 credits.
-Force Specters:
Build Price reduced to 50000 credits.
-Cosmic Specters:
Required amount of Circuits reduced to 500.
Required amount of Plastids reduced to 1000.
Build Price reduced to 60000 credits.
-Vapor Specter Regiment:
Required amount of donated Vapor Specters reduced to 1250.
Build Price reduced to 250000 credits.
-Phase Specter Regiment:
Required amount of donated Vapor Specters reduced to 250.
Required amount of donated Phase Specters reduced to 625.
Build Price reduced to 500000 credits.
-Force Specter Regiment:
Required amount of donated Phase Specters reduced to 250.
Required amount of donated Force Specters reduced to 375.
Build Price reduced to 750000 credits.
-Cosmic Specter Regiment:
Required amount of donated Force Specters reduced to 75.
Required amount of donated Cosmic Specters reduced to 175.
Build Price reduced to 1000000 credits.

Helios Changes:

-Improved the performance of the Helios' Scanner ability.
-Removed the ability to scan fully-scanned entities.
-Added in a Codex Entry Complete message when an object has been fully scanned.
-Improved Helios target detection and tracking so as to allow Helios to detect and begin scanning enemies outside of the standard field of view. Helios will now also turn towards the target that is being scanned.
-Helios will now prefer to scan enemies over environmental objects if both type of targets are available.

Crit Changes:

We have made changes to the way Criticals work on weapons that have been modded to have a crit chance greater than 100%. Here is some clarity into the new system:
The brief:
A weapon with a critical chance greater than 100% will receive 2 calculations:
1) a guaranteed critical damage value - this normally appears as a yellow value.
2) a secondary red crit chance based on the remaining percent- this will appear as a new RED crit if successful!
This means:
If your rate is 125% you get one guaranteed crit and a 25% chance of a red crit.
If this Second Crit occurs, you will see a deadly Red crit value!

Ash Changes:

Blade Storm has received a rework! Now when the ability is used Ash will conjure up to two separate clones which will go on the attack in addition to the player! This will allow the player clear out large groups of enemies even quicker!


-Performance optimizations
-Made Nyx's absorb resist magnetic damage so that you can't generate endless damage by chaining absorbs.
-Reduced frequency of Prime gear in Void - no item appears more than 2 times across the Void.
-Increased the power resiliency of a number of bosses including Vor, Lech Kril, Sargus Ruk, and the Grustrag Three.
-Improved the performance of the Ignis visual effects.
-Interception Missions have had their difficulty rebalanced. The overall difficulty of Easy missions has been reduced by lowering enemy spawn rates. The Medium setting will now reflect a level of difficulty on par with the previous Easy mode.
-Updated Specter Army Descriptions to include information about the number of conflicts they persist for.
-Tweaked the positioning of the Daedalus shoulder armor offsets.
-Improved the performance of the Torid on low end computers.
-Improved the performance of the Penta on low end computers.
-The Alliance/Clan Vault balance will no longer be displayed when contributing if the clan member does not have Treasurer permissions, or if the Clan does not have Tactician Permissions.
-Tweaked the visual effects on the Dread.
-Tweaked the visual effects of Volt's Shock ability.
-Altered the visuals on Bladestorm clones so as to make them appear more like energy holograms and not just duplicates of the Ash model.
-The Codex will now continue to include mastered items, even after they’ve been sold.
-Melee Channeling can now be toggled!
-Grineer Powerfists have been sent in to reinforce more areas of the Grineer empire!
-Tweaked a number of armor offsets on the Ember, Loki, Mag, Nyx, Nekros, Nova and Trinity Warframes.
-Tweaked the positioning of Emblem offsets on the Edo Shoulder Armor pieces. 
-Miter base damage has been increased along with the flight speed and proc chance of charged shots
-Increased Fatal Attraction's range and damage at Rank 4 and 5.
-The Fatal Attraction precept will now wait until enemies are within range before the pull ability is initialized.
-Tweaked the positioning on the Leg Armor accessories for a number of Warframes.
-Added in an additional range based visual effect on Molecular Prime that should help with distinguishing the distance of targets affected by the ability.
-Specters will now re-generate Energy over time now so as to allow them to continue to use Powers over long amounts of time.
-Player movement is now prohibited at the start of Conclave rounds.
-Reduced the amount of damage dealt to attacking players when using Reflection in PvP matches.
-Tweaked the visuals on Valkyr's Immortal Skin.
-Tweaked the sound effects on the Moa Laser Disc gun explosion and Drone Explosion.
-Reduced required scans for Grineer Rollers.
-Improved the animations for the Greatsword and Axe animation sets.
-The first round of Interception missions will now be easier for Solo players with enemies spawning throughout the mission. The difficulty will remain the same when playing with 2-4 players.
-Adjusted the positioning of Chest Armor on Ember, Banshee, Valkyr, Zephyr, Vauban, Saryn, and Nyx.
- Trinity’s Blessing is now cast-able when in the air.
- Changed the placement of shoulder armor on Rhino Prime.
- Alerts now show quantity of reward items being offered in the Alert Info window.
- Alerts now display reward when hovering over alert node.
-Updated the textures on the Hek.
-Updated the tint on the Excalibur Pendragon Alt Helmet.
-Improved the description for Valkyr's War Cry mod to better indicate melee buffs to teammates.
-Tweaked the emblem offsets on the Frost, Frost Prime, Rhino, and Rhino Prime Warframes.
-Tweaked the positioning of emblems on the Para Sentinel Skin.
-Tweaked the sound effects for the Kubrow pain barks.
-Tweaked the Kubrow den explosion sound effects.
-Tweaked Banshee's Sound Quake sound effects.
-Reduced the amount of visual noise seen on Melee Channelling trails.
-Tweaked the placement of Valkyr's shoulder armor attachments.
-Reordered the Recent Players context menu to more closely resemble the Friends context menu and moved the Ignore and Invite buttons to not be adjacent.
-Shifted the Daedalus shoulder pads down on the Rhino so as to allow for easier aiming.
-Improved mini-map marker clarity in a number of Forest tilesets.
-Clan Tactician is now both Clan and Alliance Tactician 


-Fixed issue changing spawn rooms in dojo. 
-Fixed an issue with Interception rewards being stuck at the first tier.
-Fixed an issue with certain Vor transmissions having no accompanying sound.
-Fixed client's HUD breaking after reviving in Interception.
-Fixed a number of localization issues.
-Fixed an issue with AI not properly spawning in certain Interception level configurations. 
-Fixed issue with Latron Prime Blueprint missing from the Void.
-Fixed host migration resetting number of rounds in Interception missions.
-Fixed crash when viewing Grineer Bombard in the Codex.
-Fixed issues with Eximus Corpus Elites not having proper materials.
-Fixed issues where non-max-rank Fusion Cores could not be properly sold.
-Fixed an issue with enemies not properly scaling in Void and Derelict Defense missions.
-Fixed being unable to scan the Arid Butcher Eximus correctly.
-Fixed an issue with single player lobbies being erroneously logged as ‘Session Full’ and thus prevent any additional players from joining in.
-Fixed an issue with Codex not showing drop locations for MODs despite player completing scans for enemies.
-Fixed an issue with the Jackal getting stuck in a blocking animation which would prevent it from moving or attacking.
-Fixed an issue with Turbulence visuals remaining in effect indefinitely if a player entered into a teleport volume while the ability was active.
-Fixed an issue with Sabotage tiles incorrectly appearing in Shipyard Survival missions.
-Fixed an issue with the Recent Player's list not being properly populated when accessed via the Invite Player menu.
-Fixed an issue with Prosecutors spawning in as Guardsmen in Shipyard Survival missions.
-Fixed lack of Prosecutors on Grineer Shipyard missions that had been ‘taken back’ by the Grineer faction from the Corpus via invasion.
-Fixed Interception missions having broken UI and art when Joining in progress.
-Fixed an issue with crits not appearing for Clients when stealth-attacking enemies.
-Fixes self-inflicted death wounds being caused by throwing Glaives through Volt or Nyx's energy shields/bubbles.
-Fixed Nekros’s Shadows of the Dead clones attacking players after host migration occurs.
-Fixed an issue with Absorb not being affected by range mods when cast by clients.
-Fixed an issue with players being able to deploy multiple Specters if downed while one is currently deployed.
-Fixed an issue with players not properly receiving XP from kills made by their Specter.
-Fixed an issue with Hydroid Swarm Tentacles spawning on Drones which would subsequently result in floating tentacles.
-Fixed an issue with the Shotgun Scavenger mod providing ammo bonuses for non-shell type ammunitions.
-Fixed an issue with the visual effects for Silence not disappearing correctly if the power is interrupted by a teleport volume.
-Fixed an issue with all Arc Traps present on a level being respawned after a host migration occurs.
-Fixed various gameplay crashes.
-Further Fixes to prevent enemies from getting stuck in the spawn area of Void Defense missions.
-Fixed an issue with Loki Decoy's sometimes missing their heads on clients.
-Fixed an issue with Shotgun Grineer sometimes moonwalking away from players during firefights.
-Fixed an issue with certain Shipyard Rescue tilesets forcing the Rescue target to continually attempt to traverse environmental hazards which would kill them resulting in mission failures.
-Fixed an issue with Orokin Vault door icons not properly matching the symbol for the required keys.
-Fixed an issue with the Lanka not dealing damage to certain targets.
-Fixed an issue with the player's Melee weapon getting stuck as holstered when attempting to perform a melee ground slam attack while transitioning out of the Tail Wind ability.
-Fixed an issue with Warlord Warning transmissions not appearing during Solar Rail conflicts.
-Fixed issues with Ember Prime appearing headless. 
-Fixed issues with armor being misplaced on Ember/Ember Prime. 
- Fixed an issue with the Obex not playing the correct animations.
- Fixed an issue with a number of Lotus Voice Over lines missing from the Suspicious Shipments alert missions.   
- Fixed an issue with the word "Blueprint" appearing twice in Alert popup descriptions.
- Fixed an issue with the Volt Arcane Pulse helmet having an incorrect tooltip.
- Fixed a minor grammatical error in a Lotus transmission. 
-Fixed issues with many Sentinel precepts having their priority subverted by other slotted precepts. Example, if you ever noticed your Djinn would never seem to cast Fatal Attraction, it is likely because it was slotted in the 2nd/3rd/4th Precept Slot and was not properly prioritized.
-Fixed an issue with players being unable to exit Conclaves properly.
-Fixed an issue with the Invite Button not appearing correctly when playing Key lobby missions.
-Fixed an issue with the Codex not properly listing the correct amount of Mods present in the player’s inventory.
-Fixed an instance of Molecular Prime energy color not appearing correctly on client.
-Fixed an issue with Molecular Prime not working correctly in PvP matches.
-Fixed an issue with enemies attempting to pursue players after a successful extraction.
-Fixed an issue with incorrect Lotus Voice Overs playing during Dark Sector Conflicts.
-Fixed an issue with unequipped Sentinels still adding points towards Conclave ratings.
-Fixed an issue with incorrect credit values being shown when depositing very large amounts of credits into the Clan Vault.
-Fixed an issue with AI being unable to navigate up small ledges in the Shipyards tileset.
-Fixed an issue with Shock Camo pack skins not properly utilizing custom Energy colors.
-Fixed an issue with the Hikou Holster not properly utilizing custom Energy colors.
-Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck behind certain crates and boxes on the Forest Defense Tileset.
-Fixed an exploit which could cause players to gain inordinate amount of credits when selling items.
-Fixed Seismic Palm and Fracturing Wind being erroneously labeled as "Sparring" which led to confusion on which weapons could use them. They are now labeled as “Fist” Stances.
-Fixed an issue with Enemies remaining in their spawn area in Void Defense missions.
-Fixed an erroneous description in Trinity's Energy Vampire ability.
-Fixed issue with Shock Camo skin not working on Snipetron Vandal.
- Fixed issues with lingering FX on the Obex.
- Fixed the selling of Mods not returning credits in some cases.
- Fixed common crash issue that would occur if a client destroyed a Kubrow den.
-Fixed an issue with Helios' incorrectly scanning objects outside of the players aim as well as objects whose Codex entry is already complete. Helio sfix, Codex entries for crates will follow.
-Fixed an issue with the player not properly leaving their present lobby when selecting to view a  Solar Rail that have been deployed from within the Clan UI element.
-Fixed issue where Banshee’s Sonar was not recastable. Please note we are still working on fixing the timer not appearing for Clients, but the recast-ability has been fixed.
-Fixed an issue with Miter's projectile FX orientation.
-Fixed an issue with invisible enemies being able to shoot at the player while not being able to take direct damage themselves.
-Fixed an issue with loot falling out of the world in the Shipyards tileset.
-Fixed an issue with non-Capture targets being able to pass through restricted doors.
-Fixed an issue with Specters getting caught under the floor in the Shipyards tileset.
-Fixed the incorrect text string on Mutated Shotgun Ammo.
-Fixed a number of abilities having a cool down discrepancy between host and client. This includes Banshee’s Sonar, Nekros’s Terrify, and Ember’s Fireblast.
-Fixed incorrect melee channel energy colors appearing on clients.
-Fixed an issue with the wrong icon appearing for Conclave missions.
-Fixed an issue with weapons consuming more ammo than they should have been.
-Fixed an issue with Loki's Disarm ability breaking Vor's death animation.
-Fixed an issue with players getting stuck in Banshee’s Sound Quake animation if cast right as they entered into the downed state.
-Fixed an issue with incorrect enemy types being spawned Yursa Dark Sector missions.
-Fixed an issue with the Rail Management UI becoming stuck on screen after opening the screen and then immediately decreasing the Tribute percentage.
-Fixed an issue with Dark Sector Battle Pay not persisting after setting the Battle Pay and then leaving/re-entering the node.
-Fixed an issue with Valkyr's Default Helmet lacking an image and description.



July 11th Hotfix:

-Fixed Exploit with Survival missions.

July 16th Hotfix:

-Fixed common crash occurring in T4 missions, most frequently when Void Vor appeared. 
-Lowered the frequency of T2 Capture keys as mission rewards for ‘Medium’ difficulty Interception missions (Starting enemies 10 -20). 

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Getting the "Cannot download some content" thing DE.


What should we do about that? (Cuz I totally forget what happened the last update this was happening.)

I had that problem, I backed out and closed the application a few times then it worked. Also, if you've been scrolling through the information, just don't touch it and leave everything alone while it updates.

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