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Console Players With Keyboards


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Is it possible that we can get some hot keys in for the keyboard? just simple things so that we can chat without having the controller on hand everytime.


all i'm really asking for is a short cut while in game to jump to chat (t default on keyboard on PC) and that would work fine too on PS4, and then pressing enter or something on the keyboard while in the chat area to just start typing (t would also work for this too)


i know there are some API's for keyboard control when there is one plugged in because FF14 has it implemented in their game.


no rush on this, but just a thought that would make things a little smoother for us console players

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This has been a gripe of mine for a while, but I never posted about it because surely it was already on their To Do list.  :D



I guess that's naive or something, but yeah - it'd be nice if we didn't have to fuss with our Controllers in order to type in the chat.  There should be a key or something that will initiate the chat pane.


(It'd also be nice if there was a setting that would remember where we put the text entry pane instead of it popping up in the middle of the screen all the time.)


(It'd also also be nice if we could adjust the dimensions of the chat screen - at least increasing the vertical height would be nice.)

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