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Inspired by someone else's topic, something I would like to see, if possible: Camera lock option.


Right now, the camera follows your warframe on a little invisible floating platform that remains eternally steady, except for a few odd quakes here and there.


I think it would AWESOME if you could lock the camera, so that your warframe's spine was always perpendicular.


Thus, if you're running along, same camera as always. If you're jumping, same camera as always.


If you're wall running, the camera would tilt so that the wall appears as "floor" to your camera angle, and would tilt again when you jumped off.


If you're doing a flip, the camera would briefly tumble end-over-end so that the world around you would rotate, rather than your frame.


This would give a LOT more ambience to the existing parkour system, and make movement far more exciting/immersive.


This DEFINITELY has to be optional, as I know it would make some people sick. However, for those of us who can stand it? This would be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME!

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I know games that have this. I also know that it's absolutely disorientating. Would be really cool. I support this as a fun feature.


My criticism: The Parkour system is so glitchy and wonky that this would be painful. Frame decides to do random ledge grab in mid-air on nothing? Enjoy your random camera rotation without knowing where that even came from.

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