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The Red, White, And Blue


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I want to know, as it didn't reappear this year: Will we ever again see the "Red, White, and Blue" color picker?


If so, will it be the same initial price, or will it be cheaper(free even?), perhaps with a refund given to what few souls actually bought it?


It was an interesting thing, and the 3 colors it did have aren't on the default palette.


It was also 3 colors for 75 plat, so I can see why it may not have sold all that well.


Also, I suppose I should ask, relatedly, if we'll see the Bastille picker back this year? It actually had a few unique-to-it shades of red, white, and blue, so it could be justified as being worth 75 plat.


Just wondering if these are "once only", or if they'll be recurring like other holiday stuff.

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