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Got An Idea For Next Design Council (Mod Vault In The Dojo)


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I don't know if the devs will see this post, but i'll post it anyways. As the Warlord of clan Izuna i deal with a lot of new Tenno players in my clan and this would actually be helpful at getting them started within the game. The idea is that why limit the Clan Vault to just money? Surely there has to be a way to add an actual Mod bank to the station as well. Anyone who has played the game long enough knows that more often enough you end up with lots of spare mods you don't need that just take up space. Why not just donate spare mods to the clan? Granted there would have to be restrictions put in place so people can't abuse it. Kind of the way trading is limited to "X" amount of trades per day based on the mastery profile of the player. 


Anywho, just spitballing an idea. Feel free to let me know what you guys think.

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