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A Way To "fix" The Mod System?


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so, i watched the devstream 32, and steve flipped S#&$ at the opinion of this one guy that the mod system is broken. personally, i don't think it's broken by any means, but some additions are never unwelcomed!

So, these are mine! Please comment if yes or no, and any additions!

1: I think Steve said something about POST lvl30 exp, and attributes, so this is what i thought about it! How about the exp is not account bound, but weapon/sentinel/warframe bound! U have a small attribute tree, like increase fire rate, damage, but also specific ones! like fire proc increase for heat swords and the such! Every post 30 lvl you get you receive a single point to put in the tree. once u max that out, you can "prestige" that POST 30 LVL, so u'll maintain your lvl 30, but revert to lvl 0 post 30! when you prestige, you'll get a SINGLE EXTRA MOD SLOT! Capped at 2! That would've be interesting! More choice and other noise....

2: The loadout sets! How about have a list of Loadouts, like Set 1

                                                                                     Create New Set

Every SET has A, B, and C options, just like now, BUT, there is also another thing that would be UBER cool!

Having the ability to switch between A,B and C ON THE FLY! Have a DEFENSE A, All-Round B and PURE ATTACK C, and be able to switch between them on the fly! A, B, C have their own Formas, so you put a V in A, you won't have that on B! So that you can FULLY customize is to whatever you want! It means more formas, yes, but also more freedom!

PS4 has now fully customizable button mapping, so you can get rid of the checkpoint on the d-pad, you can put left, right and up solely for Swapping!

Just sayin, something i thought about.....

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Soo if i want weapon viable for different areas i need to change mods every time? Or put 4 formas on each page and level weapon 12 times to get worth of 4 formas?

How greedy you are if you want 2 more mod slots with possibility have anything on them. More choices? More like more max dmg. Also do i need some orokin mod catalyst injector to reset weapon instead of forma.
orthos prime: level up twice  with orokin mod catalyst to get extra mod places, after that some formas to get enough points for all the slots
also is orokin catalyst possible to insert before or after u have extra mod slots or not at all?

weapons getting more power-> people complaining that instead of playing 40 min survival to get proper enemies they now need to wait 80 min?
people not having these special items to add mod slots? can u farm them or are they just random alerts or drops?


Also items getting more stats while leveling to level 30, can i see from ingame or wiki real stats or do i need to test every crappy weapon to see if they have hidden potential?


imo: items getting more stats for leveling weapons? no,,, only thing i can think of is a bit of accuracy but should tenno after leveling almost every weapon already have some sort of weapon expertise? Which also would make players broken cause lvl 16 could have amazin bonus stats for weapon that lvl2 tenno uses. Farming good items is reward enough.

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