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Lore Mission Concept: Find The Elders


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As the Tenno’s history is still shrouded in the past, and with the upcoming quest system being implemented in U14, I had some thoughts on quests that could lead to an eventual Tenno hub.


Similar to my Kubrow mission idea, this mission will focus more on uncovering the lore behind why we are all running around gunning down mutant clones and putting loot in pockets we seem not to have. This will be the second in a line of quest ideas that will continue as long as said ideas keep popping in to my head at

inopportune times.


The Preface:

Lotus sends out a call for help. A cryopod with a very ancient transponder signal has been located, and must at all cost be saved before the other 3 factions home in on its location.  Could this be an Elder? One of the original Tenno? That’s up to DE, I just come up with stuff!!


The Mission:


This will be a defense mission but with a twist in that the pod is leaking coolant. As with missions for rewards start at wave 10 and count down, the Cell must defeat the waves before the coolant runs out. Each Tenno can craft and carry a single cryopod coolant tank patch kit. One use and it is gone. Each wave will also spawn an engineer (ancient healers will drop a resin for the same use, but hold for less time) unit that will carry equipment to stop the leak. This unit will be on par or higher than an eximus, heavily armed and heavily guarded. The coolant patch will only hold for a short time, similar to life support tanks in a Survival mission. As each tenno can only carry one, it will be up to players who have used their patch to seek out the engineers/ancient. Well timed use of the patches will get the Tenno the most reward.


Random invasions can occur, with all 4 factions able to fight for the cryopod. Can the Tenno use the frantic fray to their advantage? They better be able too!! We have a Tenno-sicle to save!


The Battle of 3 Armies, and 4 other people, has begun!






This mission will give DE the chance to let out small amounts of lore along with loot whenever they want. Think of it as a vehicle for delivery. So anything can go in there. If they can a Tenno NPC they want to introduce this could be once way.


This mission rewards will diminish with the level of coolant left in the pod. Fast efficient use of the patches will insure both the greatest quantity of loot and lore.


It the mission fails this can setup a random chance for a rescue mission to get the pod back or a retrieval quest to get the information/body back.



P.S. I know my post are a wall of text. I know. But I am unemployed atm, so I need a writing outlet. Thanks if you do read these. Cheers.

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