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Ut3 Engine Games: How To Fix Crackling Sound?


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So apparently this is a HUGE problem with UT3 Engine games, and of course it has to happen on my computer.


I have two UT3 Engine Games:


Mass Effect

Bioshock Infinite


And they BOTH do the same thing:


After awhile of playing, the sound starts to pop and crackle. It starts out suble at first, then 5-10min later, the popping and crackling is enough to make me feel ill. Mass Effect isn't so bad; I can save and close the game almost anytime, but Bioshock Infinite is a whole 'nuther story. It seems to only save at certain checkpoints (some of which can be 10+min of gameplay apart) and I don't like losing progress, but when I start feeling ill from the ridiculous amounts of static, pops, and crackles coming through the headphones, it just ugh...


I've tried a LOT of supposed "Fixes" and nothing seems to work:


1). Modifying .ini files to disable things like 3D sound

2). Compatibility Modes (some suggest Vista, some suggest XP SP3)

3). Using a different sound system.

4). Using a whole different computer.

5). Running DPC Latency Checks: No DPC Latency whatsoever.


Same thing: sound starts crackling after about 2 hours on my first session, then about an hour if I close the game and re-open it.


No other games I've ever owned have ever done this.


This has to be some ridiculous problem with the UT3 Engine, as ONLY UT3 Engine Games do this. The problem is not my computer, it isn't my sound system, it isn't my OS, none of that, because...


1). I've tried switching sound systems -- instead of my Razer Banshee, I've tried using the On-board Audio. Exact same symptoms.


2). I've tried switching entire computers (which also rules out corrupt OS files, corrupt game files, etc). Same thing happens.


I'm nearly at wit's end here trying to fix this annoying problem. I've been Googling for the last couple hours and still haven't found anything (I hate how 99% of the websites go "DO COMPATIBILITY MODE, IT WORKS!" uh.....no it doesn't).


So here's hoping that SOMEONE here knows how to fix this.

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I have 7 UT games and UT stands for unreal tortement cause it was DE's biggest success and a huge different in the gaming world so they decided to make people pay just 24$ to use such a advance engine and evolve it every 1-5 years for further companys and people to use for just 24$! (just wanted to give some info :P)




(wanted to put answer in caps)


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i've... never even heard of this issue with Unreal 3.

i guess i've gotten lucky.



and alas, since i've never heard of it, i can't be of much use, despite peaking my interest with a geeky title :(


It is a fairly widespread problem (try googling "Bioshock Crackling problem" or "UT3 crackling problem").


What I don't understand is how some people can have the problem and others not, despite very similar hardware being used and why nobody has come up with any definitive reason/fix for it and why it only happens over time (an hour plus). If there were an audio problem, surely it'd be showing up right away, but no.... audio is perfect for awhile and then appears to corrupt itself over time (kinda like corrupt data being written to the RAM by the engine).

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