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I think people being able to customize their own warframes would be the most interesting for all, first you would have to assign points to each ability (breakdown from what current warframes already have) different abilities would cost different amounts so a player couldn't combine Iron Skin, Rejuvenation and Blessing on one warframe without losing out heavily on the warframes stats (health shield speed armor power and stamina). This would allow players to pick the warframe design they like (helmet chosen seperately) making completely new warframes with the abilities and stats that fit their play style and preference. For instance: I would try something like taking Frosts Body with Necros Head push 150 health base 50 shield 100 power and 100 stamina with only 1 ability Blessing (I considered Rejuvenation but it doesn't heal sentinals) the running speed and shield regeneration would be pretty standard and then I would finish spending the rest of my remaining points on armor. Personally I think this would bring alot to the game considering there are still other warframes being made that would add more variety to the pool. What are others thoughts?

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