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Should Continous Fire Weapons Be Classed As Beam Weapons?


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We have a few continous fire weapons now.



Flux Rifle




Soon-to-be-released Cryo Beam rifle


Should these be classed as beam type weapons instead of rifle weapons with their own unique mods?




Stay as is because of further drop table dilution of new mods and because rifle?


Or it doesn't matter.


-excluding Spectra even though it fires a beam.

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Of note, the phage is a shotgun, not a rifle.


That being said, I long ago suggested that these should have their own class, back when they decided to mess with heavy caliber because these ignored it.

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Well... Ignis is also a continuous fire weapon which doesn't make sense being classified as a "Beam" weapon.


Also, what kind of unique mods where you thinking about adding for them?


There's not too much I can think of that isn't already taken care of with the current Rifle and Shotgun (In the case of the Phage) mods.

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Counter point to the "leave it": If there was a continuous stream class of weapons, there'd be special mods for them--longer range on the stream, damage multipliers for time a target has spent being hit... all sorts of things.


Wouldn't it be great if there were special mods to fix all the stuff we don't like about continuous stream weapons?


Remember bows, snipers, and explosives are already a special class, so it's not devestating to have another added.

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