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Vay Hek Terra Frame Problem



Hi. After a few months away from Warframe I thought I'd go for Vay Hek. I farmed up a few beacons, crafted a key an in I went. I didn't have much trouble until Vay Hek reached Terra Frame in the final fight. He killed me once, I used a respawn, he regenerated some HP through a minion, but I got him low. Then... Then he became invulnerable.


I can't see anything on the wiki about him being invulnerable in his last stage. Am I missing anything? Is it a bug? He was sitting at 5-10% health or so, flying around, shooting me, sending missile barrages, spawning drones and minions, etc. I was shooting him and the minions that kept spawning for maybe 5 minutes with a potatoed and decently modded Dread and Stug, running out of ammo twice and dying another time or two until I gave up. He wasn't sucking up minions, his HP bar did not change (sitting still at 5-10%). I was soloing him so lag probably isn't it, though I did drop a lot in FPS at one point (after his invulnerability I think). So am I missing anything or should I post it as a bug?


Edit: My weapons did 0 damage.

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