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Vay Hek Terra Frame Invulnerability


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Hi. In the final fight with Vay Hek, after entering his Terra Frame and fighting his health down, his death (or escape if you will) scene did not fire. He sat at 5-10% health or so with my weapons not being able to damage him (0 damage). He flew around sending missile salvos, spawning droids and minions, etc. Had to give up. Worked perfectly on my second try. Both attempts were solo.


It happened a while after dying to his terra frame and respawning. I died one or twice while trying to fight him, it didn't change anything. I did notice very, very low FPS for 10-20 seconds a short time after. I was able to fight off the minions and droids that kept spawning without any problems. I tried unsuccessfully to damage him for probably 4-5 minutes.


I've kept the EE.log file, if it's wanted I can upload/email/something it somewhere.


Original post: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/257300-vay-hek-terra-frame-problem/

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