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The gadgets we use in Warframe should be expanded in future notice. Who would not love to be a ninja master with some gadgets aswell with the weapons and abilities. 


Lets say this, gadgets essentially can become a "5th ability" with a expanded gadget system. A gadget can be a zapper pokemon ball shield you throw after you when you are being chased by the vass grineer elites. 


Thats just a little example on what gadgets we could potentially have that resembles a ability in a form witch is not. Imagine a flash bomb or a mine grenade you throw to create "distortion" in the field of justice. I know the team have said no to grenades and such horrific new time order. But the point is these can be put in after the "timemachine" was in creation within the "Void"  


Example on a gadget we may have to steal from Salad V himself to endure our capabilities within the stealth division.


The microtech room scanner is a tiny device created by the robotic epire and it was merely used by the elite squad to clear the room when the alarms was triggered on the outposts or ships.


This technology the Tenno stole from the epire and "soon" started to use against the enemy lines throughout the solar system. 


There is more to come, "when the time is right"





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