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Misson Series Concept:tenno Operations


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You Start in A mission infiltrating a meeting of high ranked officers its a Stealth Type Mission

The Room is Heavily Guarded you can kill guards and rush in or you can sneak through the vents

kind of like Rescue 2.0. but instead of rescue you have to sabotage the meeting and assassinate the officers



Once your in the meeting room  its a number of  mini type bosses to devise plans for the main bosses

and if they trigger the switch then a decent numbers of VIP'S  will leave in their ships and carry out the officers missions (Why? Because this will be their last  Breath)


and your normal mission on what planet the meeting was will be Altered and put a new spin on missions 


Deception- after a swift Run in between your objective and extraction their are Anti-Tenno special forces ready to stop you


Sabotage- once you sabotage your objective their is a timer to stop the VIP from getting in his ship to attempt again(Terminal decipher on VIP ship  or capture)


Exterminate- 4 VIPs Surrounded by Elite Soldiers through out the mission..... Kill on Sight 


Spy- VIPs Guarding To uphold very important data, that may lead to something greater


Mobile defense/Defense/Survival- VIP's And Anti-Tenno Special Forces will join in Trying to take you out


Rescue - VIP's Will Guard the holding Cell(not Timer like 2.0 Because hostage still has info) but on Rescue 2.0

the VIP Will guard it the timer will be on but if you kill him he has a decipher key to unlock/shutdown everything


Interception- VIPs Will Periodically jump in and Take over nodes, if you dont get there in time the will deduct capture points. so destroy the VIP's


Capture- VIPs Will Have Beefed up Security 



VIP's Wont Be like Capture VIPs The will have a Skill Set Unique weapons only They have  Either have a Primary Secondary or Melee


Rewards , might be a blueprint piece to the unique weapon and a rare resource . credits of course



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