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Combine Melee Weapon Types For Stance Accessibility.


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I think it would be a good idea if some melee weapon types like Swords, Daggers and Machetes were combined into one melee weapon type so you can use stance mods on those melee weapons that normally cannot use stance mods outside of their own stance mods (like a Kama using crimson dervish, a Dakra Prime using Homing Fang or even a Dark Dagger using Sundering Weave).


Though this cannot be done with all melee weapon types like Nikanas, Glaives, and Claws due to the fact that they are their own melee weapon type but melee weapon types such as Axes, Scythes and Hammers could be combined into a Two-Handed weapon type or Polearms and Staffs could be combined together (How cool would it be if you could use Clashing Forest with a Orthos Prime?).


The reasons why I think this is a good idea is:


1. It give Players more creativity for melee weapon builds.


2. It cuts down grinding for some stance mods.

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