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Is Hikou Good?



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hikou beats kunai considering the resources are a bit harder to earn, its a great starter weapon for throwing weapons, as long as you have good aim, the hikou makes a nice addition, i still have mine with 1 forma and catalyst, even though i got despair.

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It fires twice as fast and deals roughly half the damage, so the damage per second is rather similar to the Kunai. Unfortunately this also means it drains ammo twice as quickly, making it hard to use due to ammo issues. They're ten times more fun though, it's it's all down to preference! (I still have mine from Update 9 nearly a year ago).

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despair - hits harder (higher physical damage) - slow

kunai -  higher impact than despair - faster than despair

hikou - hits faster



ive invested so much on my kunai now im working on my despair

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Hikou is a fine weapon.


It has a much faster fire rate and less damage in comparison to Kunai or Despair, which means that it has worse ammo efficiency.

To be honest, it can drain your ammo really fast, so you may want to use ammo mutation on this one if you plan on using the Hikou a lot.


It doesn't require too much materials to build, it's easily available and it has two V polarities from the very beggining. This makes Hikou a pretty good weapon if you don't have access to more powerful weapons that require more effort to get.


All in all, I've been using them recently. It was shredding corrupted around lvl 25, unpotatoed, with just rank 8 Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent. And though they chew through ammo fairly quickly, I ran out of it only once.


Ah, the most important part. They were fun to use :)


But get Despair if you plan on using thrown weapons. Despair is simply better than Hikou.

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