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Chaos Emulation With The Tysis?



So I've been playing around with the Tysis, and it's really helped me to get creative. I did as low damage as I could manage in this build, focusing on nothing but Status. I've found that you can emulate the Chaos Power by using Radiation, amping the Status to 99%, adding Multishot, and using Magnum force to decrease the accuracy as much as possible. After four shots, you have a makeshift Chaos.


I realize this doesn't really get the mission over with any quicker, but for leveling up some of the more squishy frames, we can use this as a form of damage mitigation by drawing the fire away from you, and having the enemies kill themselves off. Nyx is very squishy, but I cant recall ever going down with her, primarily because of Chaos. With the Tysis, you can use this same tactic on any Warframe.


Hope it helps.

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I haven't potatoed mine, but going pure toxic vs corpus seems to work best so far.

The toxic procs rely on the damage you do so it's much better to just use some better damage weapon for killing. Tysis for me is purely for applying status effects I want.

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