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Ability Casting Animation Interruptions


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I'd previously noticed that you can be knocked down while casting (at least some) abilities, without the cast itself being interrupted. For example:


rhino can start stomp

get knocked down

whilst climbing back to his feet, the stomp effect (and damage) will occur


Now this seems ok for the majority of abilites, but it does potentially remove the downsides of a few (it could be considered an exploit), as my next example demonstrates:


Nyx can start the casting animation for Absorb

get switch teleported by a Grineer Commander, which has a stun and plays the "confused

/looking about" animation

during this animation, the cast of absorb finishes (so the absorption bubble appears)

at the end of the "confused/looking about" animation, the player is able to walk about, with the absorb bubble following them


A related bug is casting Absorb whilst moving in the air and "sliding", as it can cause you to continue sliding whithout the effect of gravity.


Essentially both of these methods allow you to use a chanelling ability that is designed to anchor you.


Potential related issues:


I don't know if being switch teleported by a friendly Loki produces the same result, possibly not as you do not get the "confused /looking about" animation.


I don't know if this works with other chanelled abilities such as Banshee's Sound Quake (I dont know if the effect would follow you, etc.)


Potential fixes:


When the cast is completed the chanelling animation/pose is forced, or at least queued after the current animation (ie you come out of the "confused" animation into the Absorb Chanelling/Lotus Position pose/animation). It would also help for your position to be "fixed"/momentum set to zero at that stage.


On a related note, I have noticed that interruptions to attacks/animations while the melee weapon is glowing (not sure if this includes channelling or only moves that cause the weapon to glow, such as a melee attack whilst mid-air), cause your weapon to continue glowing, until another animation that causes it to glow plays and ends.

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