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Riptide (Ooc, Only Grineer Currently Being Accepted)


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Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... it's done. 


Probably a bit more rough than I would have liked, but I wanted to get that entire thing out of the way. 


That's mostly the reason my posts have been slow and content-heavy rather than more frequent moderate posts.


Now that I've gotten these story elements out, you can expect more regular story posts from my end. The unnamed heavy gunner will be back...

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It was one of those plot twists I came up with during the week my net was wonky .She wasn't originally going to die, but I felt like it would be a good teaser for just how hard the Tenno are going to have to fight. Usually, one Tenno is worth over one hundred clones. The Grineer are tired of that, and are evening the odds.

And poor heavy gunner, she has a po'd Ash to deal with lol.

Fun fact: I actually considered Zephyr, but I'm probably going to use one in another thread instead :)

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