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Riptide (Ooc, Only Grineer Currently Being Accepted)


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Hmmm... this seems interesting.

Name: Alain "Forest Tornado" François Esperanza

Gender: Male.

Age: 29, ignoring the time spent in cryosleep.

Description: Decorated in mottled greens and browns and the Immortal paintjob, Alain can be a pain in the &#!. Becoming a mercenary/bounty hunter was, in his opinion, the smartest move in his life. Wether it was a wise decision is still unknown.

Warframe/Class: Loki

Typical Loadout: Akvasto revolvers and Fang stilletos.

Preferred Role in Group: Stealth & Reconnaissance.

Reason for Being Chosen for Mission: Plenty of experience with Earth's rainforests, great mobility. Also, the Lotus offered a reward.

Unique Traits: No definable sexual preference, has a personal Corvette-class ship (Minuano) and has an alien best friend (who will not appear in this story).

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Heh. I've already got a beautiful speech made for Kre in the H&R thread. Of course, Omega is taking an eternity to leave, so that'll have to wait a while.

I've read all of Riptide, seems very promising.

Edited by Achaix
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Oh, I'm pretty curious on H&R, but that's not the matter here. ^^
Well, at current quota there surely will be a free spot for Alain to fit in. *evil grin* But let's just wait for dear Blade to get blown by your tornado and then allow you in (hopefully). :D

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Hey! Sorry, busy weekend. So long as we split the two Lokis up, hould be cool. Unless they want to go together for double trickster antics, I dunno. Anyway, should have a post up later. Welcome aboard Achaix.

And with that, I'll probably close Tenno signs for now.

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