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Riptide (Ooc, Only Grineer Currently Being Accepted)


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Well excuse me, sir. That sounds like an order! Would you like fries with that?

No need to boss anyone around. If you're too lazy to send the message by yourself, I'll pick up the slack.

I am just saying. I have no intention of ordering anyone around. 


After all, stories are nice to read. They can give life to the most mundane things. 

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Real Life has given me a moment of fresh air, before it drags me down into the fetid pool of bull-crap... again... so I`ll make a post for Klara (my Grineer Ballista) today...


As in - to bring a smidgen of life back to the thread...


EDIT: Posted... Personal thoughts - we can move this slowly ourselves. We know enough to have a rough plan of direction. While we might not know about the secrets this base holds, we know that there is something under the waves - that`s where we should be heading...

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Name: Tyrim' Sak

Age: Apparent, 26-28.

Bio: One of the new Grineer soldiers, a faithful armored Kubrow at his side, an armored left arm, and a reason for blood, he was caged like his animals before being freed by his last Kubrow, which he kept with him. Now freelancing exclusively with the grineer but helping those in dire need, he works alone and embodies what can be expected from the grineer, being gruff, tough, and morally confused at most times, however, his ethics are often up to grineer disciplined code.

Weapons: Karak, grineer spear/grappling gun, capable of disarming enemies of their firearms.

Companion: Armored Kubrow designated 6-2-4-3-6-3.

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