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Riptide (Ooc, Only Grineer Currently Being Accepted)


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in a couple of days i will be heading off to college so i wont be able to post during the day, i will however post at night, although it may not be every night but still feel free to adress my character i will try to post as often as i can :)

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I'm in on this!


Name: Ehlijah"Eli"

Gender: Male


Description: Fairly thin for a soldier, with short blonde hair and aquamarine eyes, he has a scar from a grineer flameblade over his right eye, fair and pale skin with a lotus symbol with a set of claw marks running diagonally across it tattooed onto the pulse point on his neck.

Warframe: Nekros

Typical loadout: Latron prime/Soma, Despair and a Prova Vandal(Gotta love prova glitching)

Role: DM(designated marksman) or soft sniper, but doesn't mind being on the front lines either. 

Reason for being chosen: A cell needed a member and the credit bounty was worth it to him.

Unique traits: fairly jaded and snark-ish personality, is mostly in it for the money and nothing else.

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You know, it would be cool if my notifications for this thread popped up every time a response happened ,rather than when it feels like it. Anyway, looks like we're good to move forward! Not dead, I assume everyone just had classes starting again

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Quick question - Do we establish a set sequence of posting, or do we go by "My character has sat long enough in the spot X, so i`ll have it do something" method?

As long as it's been a reasonable amount of time since your last post feel free :)

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