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Shotgun Achievement Bugged Out For Me.


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So, I had started to rush-level frames and weapons to try and get Mastery Rank 8 fast, and it was going quite smootly. After I had finished leveling all my actual weapons, I bought the shotgun you can buy with credits, which is the Strun.


I had started a Survival mission, and the Strun leveled once. This gave me the notification of getting half of the Shotgun Mastery achievement, 1 through 3, which was odd, all the while only giving me the achievement for the first Shotgun Proficiency in Steam.. I thought nothing much of it, as I had planned on leveling it regardless. Next time this happened, was a few maps later, in which I had joined a Defense mission. My Strun reached level 11, which, for some odd reason, gave me the Shotgun Mastery 1 achievement, both ingame and in Steam.


This is my first Shotgun I have leveled, and It is now still rank 11, but for some reason, this gave me the Shotgun Mastery, however only the first rank of it, which would require 2 rank 10 Shotguns. I'm somewhat worried if I keep using the shotgun, I'll rack up the Shotgun Mastery achievement without leveling two shotguns. I am planning on doing this in due time, but I'd rather get the achievements legitimately.


This will prove a rather insignifigant hindrance in my Mastery Rank 8 rush, as I am going to stop using the Shotgun until I know it won't get me the Shotgun Mastery achievement.

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