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Show Some Love To The Sentinels - Extra Sentinel Weapons And Abilities


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With the hype and expectations for the up and coming Kubrows are high and everyone is excited about them, we should not forget our small, floating buddies who have been there before the new and fluffy(?) puppies.


And with this, I have been thinking after watching Devstream 32...

Everyone wants Vacuum on all sentinels. That is currently a Carrier ability, and for Carrier only. 


So, what if that was made a general ability for all sentinels, and add new abilities to the others as well while Vacuum becomes an all-sentinel ability?



Here's what I have thought up so far for additional Sentinel abilities for each one.



For carrier...


~ Swarm

   This ability makes Carrier release a little swarm of 3-4-5-6 tiny attack drones, each armed with a miniature version of Carrier's weapon, each dealing only 10% of the damage Carrier's weapon does but with added 10% status chance. The drones will fly around within Carrier's attack range (area covered by drones depends on the rank of Striker - if attack mod is not equipped, drones will fly very close to Carrier) and attack the first enemy they see withing a 7 meter radius of each drone. The drones then will return to Carrier after 5 seconds to refill ammo supplies. 10 second cool down. Ability will activate when there is an enemy within 20 meters of carrier.


~ Blockade

   This ability gives carrier the ability to defend its owner from incoming damage. When carriers owner is being shot at, carrier will turn to face the attacker and project a defensive energy shield, blocking incoming damage from that direction. The shield will move along with Carrier, and it allows its owner to shoot back at the enemies. The shield can absorb 200-350-500-750 points of damage, and will last for 3 seconds or until destroyed. 25 second cool down.


~ Stockpile

   This utility mod allows carrier to produce extra ammo to its owner, and store it. Carrier will give 1-2-3-4-5% of the current weapon types max ammo back to its owner once every minute, and will also increase max ammo capacity of all weapons by 1-2-3-4-5%.


For Dethcube...


~ Mark of Deth

   This ability allows Dethcube to mark enemies for Deth, reducing their armor by 2-3-4-5% and damage dealt by 0.5-1-1.5-2%. Activation of this ability makes Dethcube charge up a beam, and once fired, all enemies within 10 meters of the original target will be marked. Stacks with Corrosive proc. 25 second cool down.


~ MegaDeth

   This ability gives Dethcube a time limited 2nd weapon which attacks a different target than the main one if there are other options. The second weapon does 60% of the primary weapons damage, and lasts for 5.5-7-8.5-10 seconds before cooling off. Activates along with Vaporize, with 20 second cooldown.


For Shade...



~ Shadow Projection

   This ability allows Shade to be more helpful in battle by leaving behind an image of its owner when attacked, pulling attention away from the owner for a moment. The image is only an image though, and it will only hold for 3-3.5-4-4.5 seconds before vanishing. 15 second cool down.


~ Echo

   This ability allows Shade to detect enemies, and show their outlines to its owner. Every 4 seconds Shade will emit an ultra-high pitch sound wave and then shows static outlines of all enemies within 30-35-40-45 meters of shade for 1 second. Only active when owner is not detected, and only when there is an enemy within range.


For Wyrm...


~ Greater Purpose

   This ability allows Wyrm to boost its allies by giving them damage resistance and faster shield recharge for a short time. Wyrm will give all allies within 20 meters a 5-7-9-11% damage resistance and 5-6.5-8-9.5% shorter delay in shield recharge and shield recharge rate. 10 second duration. 25 second cool down. Activates when an enemy enters attack range.


~ Would salve

   This ability allows Wyrm to heal its owner a little. Wyrm heals its owner for 10-15-20-25 points of health every 20 seconds.


For Djinn...


~ Vile Stench

   This ability makes Djinn passively emit a cloud of poisonous mist around its owner, damaging enemies when they come too close and leaves behind a trail of smoke as a result. Deals toxin damage initially, gas trail deals Gas damage. Damage is increased with mod level, up to 5.


~ Terrifying Gaze

   This ability gives Djinn the power to scare enemies, making anyone who makes eye contact with Djinn to stiffen with fear and become slowed.


For Helios...


~ Spotter

   This ability gives Helios the ability to spot a weak point from a single enemy unit, and gives a damage boost for attacking that spot.


~ Reflector Module

   This ability makes Helios emit a magnetic field around its owner, this field makes all incoming bullets bounce away and potentially hit other enemies. Ability is activated when owner gets attacked, and the field lasts for 3 seconds. 20-18-17-16-15 second cool down.



That does it for all the sentinel abilities. I will keep updating this post with more potential abilities and/or weapons for these guys.


I will add weapons later, but for the moment, tell me what you think and please suggest something of your own. I just might add it to the list =)

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I just know that Vacuum needs to not be Carrier-exclusive.


I like the idea of Carrier being able to store excess ammo or even manufacture ammo.  I probably recommended that myself when I posted a few months back that Vacuum needs to become a general Precept that any Sentinel could use, to better diversify Sentinel use.


But then they made the Para skin for the Carrier and that helped the visual variety a lot, so that was good, but it didn't really touch the need for Vacuum to cease being Carrier-exclusive.



I kinda think that Sentinels should have their own secondary weapon set or a Module slot akin to Stance and Aura to further diversify their ability set.  They wouldn't even all have to be weapons, but it'd enable things like a Vacuum piece of equipment, or a Targeting Assistant, a Threat Scanner, a Stun Gun, or Drone Pods... lot of potential without hitting up the Sentinels for mod slots that are already in short supply.

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