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How To Train Your Vor


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So I wasn't sure in which section should I post it, but after a brief thinking I decided to start a topic here. I got an idea while playing T4 survival today.
Let's play a game called "How to train your Vor". The game is about maintaining control over corrupted Vor for as much time as possible while letting him kill your opponents.

As everyone knows, Vor was not popular in the high school. He was bullied by everyone else. Kril was in the football team, Hek in school council - poor Vor was that kid which did not have that many talents. Let's help him make friends!

Follow these few steps to ensure that your control is much stronger than influence of the Janus Key. Save Vor.
step 1. Wreck Phorid a few times
step 2. Acquire Nyx
step 3. Acquire T4 keys

step 4. While in Void, wait for Vor to come.

step 5. Mind control him.
step 6. Dodge the aoe skills he uses. While helpful, Vor isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, so he can (by mistake) use skills that hurt you.

step 7. When mind control runs out, repeat step 5.

step 8. 2zrkryr.png




That pic took much more time in paint that it seems to have taken.

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Thanks for the appreciation.
If you are going to do this on the defense, remember to bring packs that restore energy and when the end of every fifth wave is near, just use the pack and start your absorbtion on top of it.

Just in case Vor gets mad that you are not paying attention and forgets about your friendship, starts attacking you while you must decide if to fight on or leave the mission.

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I would be really glad if someone would film it becaus I have no experience with streaming or making films out of games and my computer isn't really that good to run capturing software and the game at the same time.

But I encourage you to do it yourself and be friends with Vor!

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