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Swing Speed


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Only if you Quickening (+swing speed -channeling efficiency) equipped. Or, in a roundabout manner, if you have both Berserker and True Punishment (+critical chance -channeling efficiency).

Otherwise, swing speed is the same whether you have channeling on or not.

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Berserker mod makes it so your 30% faster for 24 secs after a crit...


Not to mention, it stacks, making Fury mod less of a requirement for weapons that have at least 10% crit chance.


Anyway, to answer OP's question:

The swing speed only gets boosted by melee channeling if you got the Quickening mod on.

But I did quite a lot of tests and it felt like the super-dash got triggered easier when I was melee channeling. Might be my imagination.


And by super dash, I mean:


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