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I Have Discovered How To Teleport !


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Step 1: have Valkyr/Volt (what s important is the attack speed buff)


Step 2: have a melee weapon with good attack speed and crits (for berserker mod)


Step 3: have the swirling tiger stance mod (maxed for the best) on (i recommend dual ichors cuz it has the stats and the polarity for the stance mod)


Step 4: make so that your Valkyr/Volt has good duration and enough power strengh to maximize the speed buff


Step 5: go in game (infested survival would be best for berserker to stack quickly since they rush at you and don t back off)


Step 6: go kick &#! with the buff and berserker and MASH THAT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Step 7: enjoy 


(the result of this will make you use the second combo of swirling tiger instead of the first combo and it will literally make you teleport since you go so fast)

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u know, i thought u meant GENUINE teleport, not a visual glitch....

well that was kinda the plan you know 


every thing went according to plan 



but still man try it out it s frigin insane

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