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I joined Jupiter's Dark Sector Defense mission... At wave 5, the host left the match, causing a host migration. No problem, we continue normally. Then another host migration came out of nowhere, and when it was finished loading, it was an Interception mission instead of a Defense mission. There were no bars showing the progress of the mission like normal Interception missions, and the enemies couldn't actually take any of the four nodes but we (players) could take them. We were able to finish the Interception mission normally, though.

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didi you store the EE.log file? it could be really helpful here (probably)


Unfortunately, I did not think to do that.


LOL dark sector interception? How does that work? Does the infested just start infesting a point? I want DE to make that right now, DO IT DE! DO IT! 


They just gathered at a point and stood there until a player got close, at which point they rushed whoever was there. As far as I saw, they were incapable of capturing a point.

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