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Kickbot, Nightbot...why Not Lagbot ?


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Before jumping to conclusions, Im not asking for people who has bad hosting to be kicked by a bot just because they making their team members life a misery...jk...kind of.

What Im proposing is, why not put the hosting of the session into vote ?

I`ve been around warframe for a while and as it has been developed I`ve seen how DE have been dealing with the trolling or the management of their chat system and...I love it. 

The kickbot is a great way to make sure that players will have a clean and constructive chat for them to discuss w/e they want without people sapmming trading, foul languange or LFM (aka looking for more) in the wrong sessions.

Just for a quick note, for those that dont acompany the Twitch channel, NightBot is from Twitch TV website not DE`s Bot.

Now, why expand the idea ?

Pretty sure most of you who are reading this agree with me that we evry once in a while we end up in a radom match or play with a friend that has a very bad hosting, to the point where u see evryone turning into the Moon Walk stance.

Now I know there is proboly a implemented system that searches for the best hosting in the group as in some sessions we see the hosting changing right after the match starts sometimes.

But is it realy working propely ? isn`t possible that the system could be making bad calls with wich host to choose ?

So thats what my point is, give us the players to put that to the test and see if we can turn this laggy sessions for the better. 

I`ve rethinked this over and over and I can`t see how this system could be abused, it would consist pretty much of 4 people voting for a change of host, radomly if preferable, so the ''LagBot'' could recheck the players Ping or w/e name its used to see wich connection is faster and make the game more bareable for the majority of the team. 

I would put some LoL (League of Legends) comparison here but since idk much about the game itself i rather just say that if DE is going that way I would say they are doing right so far and I hope people may share in my appriciation of the sytem so far.

Hope for some good replies :)

EDIT: Info about Nightbot above

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There is an option to limit ping in the settings, though this only works for public matches.


Possibly a warning could be implemented if a session you are invited to exceeds this limit?

Im aware about the ping limit but i just dont feel its a definitive solution, most players wont know how to use it and will end up excluded from some sessions that may end up being playable if the host is changed through the system i mentioned or without it at all if that said session has only minor lag spikes but still without the Huge lag imparements i mentioned above.

Of course there will be a vote for that it will be w/e the majority chooses, fair and square

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