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Matchmaking Interface Bug


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Could someone please explain what the hell is going on the menus?


I keep clicking to go onto Dark Sectors, and for some reason the node is unresponsive; it selects, and is highlighted with the text "Survival - Dark Sectors" and shows the level and such, but will not click and activate.


All the other nodes will click and activate, and it will bring me to the briefing screen, thinking it's a Dark Sector mission, but is labelled wrongly, which will then lead to be being on the wrong level, with the wrong enemy types as well.


But a moment ago, I was getting sick and tired of this unresponsive interface, so I figured, just log out, log back in and it will reset so I can choose my mission. I log in, and this is the screen I'm greeted with.


Considering my game is actually in English...




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I am also by myself, and just to add a bit more info; I haven't closed. Logging out and in doesn't fix this, I will have to manually close my game.


I can no longer click on any nodes, missions, I can't choose any of the alerts; it's broken my game, essentially.



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