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Dojo Rooms - Orokin Lab And Halls


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Ok, So i built an Orokin Lab and started a rail project.  I then wanted to rebuild the Dojo and move rooms around.  


While all the other labs have no issue in being duplicated or destroyed and rebuilt with all the research intact, the Orokin Lab cannot be destroyed.  I therefore built a second Orokin lab and thought that this would allow me to move the lab but

it doesn't.  


Further is there a possibility of allowing Duplicates of all the Halls so as to facilitate a rebuild of the Dojo, allowing for a

max of 2 of each type?


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I've got the same problem but it's for the temple of honor and for the oracle :(


The Oracle is part of the initial build and a prerequisite for the rest of the halls etc, so cannot just be destroyed.  I was able to move the oracle by adding a new one first then destroying the original build.  The Temple of honor i no issues with, just destroyed and rebuild.

Also check out that you have enough room to build the structures - in one spot i couldn't place the temple as the room required was insufficient as it bordered onto a hall.


If the Oracle cannot be destroyed after building a second then you may have a bug.


hope this helps

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