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[Mod] Eagle / Hawk Eye Modes (Threat & Codex)


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NOTE TO MODERATOR: On second thought... this goes under Fan Concepts? Since it's not just a simple feedback on the mods. no? yes? no?


This is a rework of a previous post that was archived well before they added the Codex Scanner. Found here.

But since the game now HAS this functionality, I think it's worth revisiting the idea and getting the opinions of the current players. So, the idea behind this is to provide the Tenno with more tools to smite our foes or at the very least, add some interesting synergy with other mods (like "Punch Through").


As before, While Zoomed, the player can cycle between the added features:
 - Default PC:
Mouse-Wheel-Up = Previous Mode
Mouse-Wheel-Down = Next Mode

 - Default Console:
D-Pad-Up = Previous Mode
D-Pad-Down = Next Mode


The Modes are as follows.
{1} Normal Zoom
{2} Normal Half Zoom
{3} Normal No Zoom
{4} Threat Zoom
{5} Threat Half Zoom
{6} Threat No Zoom
{7} Codex Zoom
{8} Codex Half Zoom
{9} Codex No Zoom

Any Zoom will slightly boost accuracy and increase the zoom bonus by the printed value.

Any Half Zoom will boost accuracy but reduce effective zoom bonus by 50%.

Any No Zoom will greatly boost accuracy but remove all zoom from aiming.

Any Threat Zoom will highlight enemies through atmospheric cover (explosions, gas, etc...) and in the dark. This mimics the effect of a teammate being highlighted except using a different color for IFF purposes. This may require a change to the current ally highlight color to Blue.

Any Codex Zoom mimics the Visual Effects of aiming with a Codex Scanner. (No you can't actually scan this way, don't ask)

Each Mod Rank adds more modes for the Tenno to cycle through.
 - Rank 0
Eagle Eye: Zoom +10%
Hawk Eye: Zoom +20%
Modes: {1}

 - Rank 1
Eagle Eye: Zoom +20%
Hawk Eye: Zoom +40%
Modes: {1, 2, 3}

 - Rank 2
Eagle Eye: Zoom +30%
Hawk Eye: Zoom +60%
Modes: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

 - Rank 3
Eagle Eye: Zoom +40%
Hawk Eye: Zoom +80%
Modes: {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

Mid-mission your Zoom Mode is remembered per weapon. Between Missions your Zoom Mode is remembered so long as you do not change weapons or alter that weapon's equipped mods.

Comments and criticisms welcome, and as always have fun. Be as kind to each other as you are mean to the enemies of the Tenno.

P.S. Then again, the Zoom Modes could easily be part of the Focus Progression, rendering this suggestion moot. Who knows?


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