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As one of many i'm sure, i feel that warframe maps can be to...small. While 'large' the maps themselves are done fairly quickly, with the player ending up doing more running to get places then actual objective play. so this is a new game, and a new area type idea.


Area: Plains/desert/swamp/tundra its a large map, mostly open as the player starts near the middle. The tenno would be dropped off on a small landing platform with a large wide open area around them. For the plains it would just be one large map with open fields and possibly patroling enemies, or wildlife if they are going to put more in it.  The forrest would have kubrow dens, and perhaps some more non agressive type animals. the tenno here would spawn by dropping down into a clearing in the tree's. Then teh desert is similar to the plains, just more sand dunes then plains. so large hils, possibly a slide feature added in to make it difficult to climb some areas? not necisary, but would add some realism. then teh swamp. the swamp i'd like to think more like the water garden, not like dark and depressing but more kinda forboading kinda creepy. the enemies here would be glowing lights/orbs that don't hurt the players, but drain their energy. its possible to kill them, but that draws all the others nearbye. Kinda a forced weapons map. Then the tundra. the tundra would be a mountainous area full of caves and hidden area's.  The tenno would land on an old corpus research lab docking station and use it to get down to the valley floor that opens up to the valley and caves. It would be a single spire in the middle of the valley, no underground structures. Now evac, Plains and desert would both evac at their entrance point as would the tundra, but the forrest would extract at a large outcropping at the edge of the map, dodging through treats possibly have some 'limbs' that the tenno could walk on up in the tree's. and then the swamp would have a small cliff/waterfall area where the tenno go to leave the map.


Game type: The Hunt- The hunt is all about animals/grineer/infected whatever. The goal is to find the target as quickly, quietly and with as few kills as possible. Every enemy can be killed quietly obviously, but its not always the best option. Once the target is located, perhaps Purple/Red on the codex scanner? or located simply by seeing them, they are marked and the tenno have to CAPTURE the target, but unlike Capture game types, your not allowed to hurt him. the more hp he has, the bigger reward the tenno get. you can capture him like normal, but the point is to keep him alive and unharmed, or keep it alive and unharmed. The tenno will have a special weapon, item that they equpit like the codex scanner and they use it to tranq the target.   The hunt would change based on the target as well and here's how it plays out.


Grineer/Corpus: two posible options 1: capture the target alive, do not injure the target for maximum payout 2: find the target and capture them, leave no witness's. In otherwords, fun time, kill all the remaining enemies.


Infected: A new strain of infected have been spotted, capture it and bring it back for study, do not harm it, or it could cause it to run away. In this one, capture is key, its still possible to capture it after its injured, but theirs no 'saftey' if you do to much damage, i twill die and you fail the mission. This is where the tranq's come in fo rthe special item section. once captured, you have to destroy the infected before they get a foot hold and risk infecting the planet


Animal life: just for ease of use, kubrow. this example is based off the new kubrow breeding system they mentioned in the dev stream. A new form of kubrow larger then the rest has been spotted on earth. Capture one tenno, and bring it back to unlock the secrets of its gentic line. Leaving the native kubrow and dens intact, grant you a bonus, while killing them, makes the target aggressive and much stronger as he'll be 'enraged' for every kubrow den destroyed.

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