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Gift Platinum And The Market


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Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this, as I wasn't sure if Tenno Assistance or General Discussion was the place to put this, since the players may not know the answer. 


I was wondering if there was a specific way the market deducts platinum from your account when making platinum purchases? Does it deduct gift platinum first? Platinum you bought first? Or does it just deduct from the last platinum from your account, and goes down from there? 


I was wondering since I have 100 gift plat and about 100 actual plat left, and I'm going to need to buy some slots soon. I would rather spend the gift plat on market purchases and use the actual plat that I bought and traded for be set aside for trading, rather than unknowingly spend the plat not locked on the market and be stuck with untradeable plat. 


I know there's no way separate gift plat and bought plat recorded on the account on the account (that I know of), and if the market just takes whatever plat, I'll have to deal with whatever situation may be present. 


Thanks for the assistance!

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Not sure what you really want...


You get 50 Free plat , that will remain untradable , and your Plats that you add'ed , anyway just buy slots that will be


enought... this need to be more clear

It's very clear. He is wondering if plat gifted to your account (untradeable) is used before bought plat (tradeable).

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Uhh, I don't see how either of the Platinum values are different, there's 50% you want to set aside, so just don't spend more than 100, yeah? I don't see the difference, honestly.

Gift plat is untradeable. Like I said, I'd rather not get stuck with untradeable plat when I would like to trade for things. and there's no way to use a specific set of plat. 



Awesome, that's just what I was hoping for, thanks! 

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