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New Mission Type: Mobile Sabatoge


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when you usually do a mission , you would run from end to end on the enemy ship


imagine this........ it would be a like a high jack mission but more of a assassination/protect with  faction favors


for example:

Objective: stop the shipment carrier/VIP/help the enemy faction stop the other enemy faction


Start: vehicle carrier will start from one end to the end of the enemy extraction


their will be elite snipers to help cover fire (and in an invasion apposing faction will have their own snipers

and npcs to battle wit the enemy)


the last run to the enemy extraction an elite forces makes a last  stand to get there cargo safe 


the dynamics of this mission set is  in stead of running from end to end, it will  bring a different feel. actually secure and complete task


and it will put a good sniper element to the game



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