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Strict Nat?


Hello, I've had this problem happen to me all of a sudden. I started playing this game in a hotel because I was bored, and when I went home all of a sudden it says "Strict NAT Detected" and that my UpNp was not detected.. I'm not sure how to get this game working, I typed in my IP address and all that and my router says that I have UpNp enabled, as does WarFrame so I'm not sure what could be done on my end or if anything can be done. I spent a few hours on google and attempting many different things but I'm stumped... Btw I have windows 8 sadly so things tend to be a lot more complicated. I'm not sure this is in the right place to post this but any help would be appreciated.

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I've had this since closed beta. Port forwarding, firewall exceptions, toggling UPnP on/off, nothing seems to work. I no longer think this is a problem on my end, because there's too many people having these issues.

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