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Galatine Identity Crisis?


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The old galatine... wiki says is a Long-sword http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Galatine


But, why then it uses Axes Stances Mods?






That mods are very cool but i think, Galatine deserves its own mod Stance, a Stance that can bring out the best in a long sword (i mean with its own combos).


The Axes combos is fine but Galatine needs strong and elegant combos IMHO.


If Nikana and Venka have their own mods, why not?


I really like Melee Weapons, and Long-swords is one of my favorites.


Is a good idea? what do you think?

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But really, Idk, the DEvs said they would re-work heavy weapons eventually.


So maybe like 6 months from now something will be different.


Also, Galatine is a Claymore or Greatsword. Not a long sword.


6 years*

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I'd just rather see the stance type renamed to "heavy blade" rather than see the Galatine get something different.  It's the same weapon type as the Gram which I pretty much adore, and I really love Rending Crane's combos.


For me it's always kind of felt like Rending Crane was always more of a sword stance versus Cleaving Whirlwind having a more axe vibe to it.  Despite the fact that the images on the stance cards would insinuate the reverse to be true.

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Melee 2.0 would be more interesting if DE introduced normal and heavy attacks combo. Something like every hack and slash game out there had. DE could just added 3 base haeavy and normal attack that we can combo, and bring more over time. Easier for them to code and there wouldnt be any pain with grinding stances.



But grind is everything so that wasnt an option.

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Cleaving whirlwind Galatine is one of my most loved melee weapons as of now.

The combo building and awesomeness are great.



I love using my Valkyr with Warcry. Makes the Galatine with Cleaving Whirlwind fun and ridiculous lol.

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