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Misleading Prime Access


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The Decoy Pack gives 1050 plat, Bo and Wyrm Prime for $50 (USD). It says it is a "$100 Value."

However, if you just buy plat, 1000 plat is for $50.

Thus, the conclusion is that 50 plat + Bo and Wyrm Prime cost $50 by themselves. This is absurd.


I'm not sure where the $100 Value came from, but it's hard to justify.

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im not sure that it was quite so exact. i think it was arrived upon during a drunken game of darts.


seriously though, DE can assign basically whatever price they want, within reason, and they should be fine. as people have said already, the things you get from prime access come with potatoes, and slots, so that is 20 plat for the potatoes and warframe slot, then 12 for the weapon slot, and another 40 (is it 40 to get two sentinel slots for the weapon and sentinel?) for the sentinel slots.

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