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Best Way To Farm G3?



I've been thinking of getting the Brakk, but G3 rarely shows up. Is there a certain mission you guys run that will have them appear often? I've been marked already, so the Invasion part has been taken cared of.

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Brakk has been the last thing I need to level multiple times now (Rank 16.5ish).


I just make sure I'm always marked and play Grineer alerts whenever I see them.


I seem to have the best luck in actual invasion missions and in rescue 2.0 missions, but people rush invasion missions hardcore and PUG's will drag me to the finish in under four minutes, so I almost never seen the G3 there unless I make my own group and go slow. I do not use rescue 2.0 missions because nothing makes me rage like finding the part I need and then failing because the hostage or the team is derpy.


Alerts work because they tend to be longer mission types giving the G3 their full 5min to spawn, and you get put with players who may be marked and may not even know it, unlike invasions where half the people are NOT marked and are specifically there just to get marked and then stop running them.

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Once you are marked, run Survivals. Since G3 spawn within the first 5 minutes or so (I think 30 to 280 seconds), you can just stay for the first 5 minutes then bail.

If you can organize a group of marked players and you all run Survivals like that, it shouldn't take too long. Then, you can all just run some invasions (if there are any) so the player whose mark was consumed can get a new mark. Plus, they can spawn during those invasions too.


Good luck!

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