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Hobo Dojo Help



My clan is 100% active when I'm online.


How do I go about setting the spawn locations when I enter the dojo?  I want to minimize the time it takes to get to the research labs by spawning in a cross section if possible. I really don't want to have to build those monstrously ugly 'great' and 'grand' halls, etc.


[size=1]The whole damn dojo is ugly.  If I could, I would paint it black and shoot out all the crappy lighting in the halls leaving only the faint door lights, which I would blood red (darker blood red for doors that don't open).[/size]


If that's not possible, what do you recommend?

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Well if you don't mind reconstructing, you can shorten that distance a bit by making the cross connectors (that houses your research facilities) at the node right behind the console (spawning location) of which ever Clan Hall you are using.  I am assuming of course you currently have it placed at the opposite end of where you spawn.


Other than, there is really no other way without constructing those 6 door clan halls. 


Hope this helps.

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