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So after watching the massive live stream and beening scared to death by the loud burping phone (Yes i had my volume on loud) 


I am wondering about the fact you can see other players ships in the lobby.


So my qeastion is do you think you will the other players wrap/fly into the planet your in?.


Also what do you guys think of an PVP of player ships and player ships fighting other NPC Ships?





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I hope that we can eventually build a fleet of pimped out Liset's led by our very own dreadnoughts. I can imagine the battles now...


Liset wings red, blue and yellow, the Tenno Galleons have punched a hole into the Corpus main line. Get in there! Captain Hydros, bring the Formorians around for a flanking maneuver!


Anyone else have a feeling that after a certain update we'll have Liset Primes?

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