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New Warframe Concept Hermes The Speedster.


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Imagine a warframe not only built for speed but a warframe who controls speed.


power 1 : Speedball, Hermes tosses a sphere of energy at an enemy causing it to speed out of control in the the nearest enemy wall or object with a splat.


power 2 : whirwind stun, Hermes whirls around with such speed he creates a number or small whirlwinds that knock enemies off of their feet.


power 3 : fast strikes, Hermes channels his extreme speed into his and his team mates arms greatly increasing melee swingspeed for a short duration.


power 4 : slowfield, Hermes creates a large field around him effectively trapping all enemies within slowing them to the point of freezing while still allowing Hermes to move swiftly and take them down.


If enough people like this one I'll make a 3D model of him for your viewing pleasure.

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most of the similar ability are already in the game

Power 1 : Nekros Soul punch and Terrify 

Power 2 : Zephyr tail wind 

Power 3 : Volt Speed

Power 4 : Vauban bastille, Frost Snowglom and Nova molecular prime

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