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Waframe Platinum Market - Shopping Trolley


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Hey, Tenno.


Here's another great idea! (Again, apologies if it's already been done).


I've got lots of platinum, and I don't even know what to use it all on. I've contemplated sentinel accessories, but I can never see what looks great All together. Which is why I put this great idea to you.


When spending platinum on multiple appearance changing items, there should be a... shopping trolley function, where you add things to your cart so you can view them all together without leaving it up to your Mind's Eye to determine what looks good together.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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I enjoy this idea.


But also a 'check out center' would be great for multipurchases and a total pricing of said purchases, plat or not. Should allow the purchase of multiple blueprints or best of all, multiple codex scanners without having to press Enter 8000 times.

Oh man. I too know the pain of having to spend 10 minutes of my life buying enough codex scanners so I have enough for that stupid Helios who never scans what needs to be scanned. I bought 2,000 and within a couple days I was down to 900.

edit: Of course the check-out part would be included.

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